Finally A Harlem Shake Video I Don’t Mind

Reagan from the Exorcist getting into the (annoying) Internet craze! Turn out the lights and lock all the doors, people! This meme is dead and buried now.


WTF? Video of the Day: Sweatin’ With The Furries

Never let it be said that I am a Judgmental Judy who casts aspersions at the private activites of consen ting adults as long as they aren’t hurting anybody but this video….it just makes me go wtf
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WTF? Video of the Day: Reason #285 Why I Hate Public Transportation

Ya never know when some broke down drag queen will decide to get his chanteuse on while you are trying to make it to your destination. All of that writhing on the ground and letting his twigs and berries peak out is just an affront to all things decent. It also goes against every rule of the drag handbook I would assume. He is giving off very defiant “the hell with tucking and I aint got no gotdamn duct tape!” vibe to his captive audience.

WTF? Video of the Day: A Bunch of Has Beens Hawking Fake Mayonnaise

In a parody of “We Are The World” a gaggle of faded music stars sing about the virtues of that ghastly dreck Miracle Whip. Anyone think they might have slipped some valium into Susan Boyle’s Miracle Whip laden turkey sammich? She looked completely lost. And are any of those guys original Village People or are they all scabs?